Monday, September 27, 2010

Holy Hilary

Recently I stumbled upon these pictures from Hilary Duffs wedding. I think her whole look was gorgeous. As a wedding photographer (don't laugh;) I had the opportunity to see so many gorgeous brides but unfortunately not so gorgeous ones too, that I came to the conclusion that there is one really essential thing you can do to be beautiful on your wedding day, be yourself. Find a dress that is "you", accessorize it to make it more like you, match your hair and make up with it, and that's it. I think Hilary found "her" dress and she managed to create a wonderful look to it. Congrats!

photo credit: OK Magazine

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm back

Hello everybody,

au trecut exact 6 luni de la ultima mea postare (defapt chiar mai mult), trist, I know, dar am revenit si am planuri mari. Nu vreau sa incep cu promisiuni de genul ca voi posta in fiecare zi, bla bla, caci probabil nu ma voi tine de cuvant, dar in schimb promit sa ma straduiesc mai mult decat prima data cand am inceput sa scriu acest blog. Pe viitor mi-am propus sa postez niste retete (cooking is my new thing) sub forma de fotografii (photography is my new thing too). Vor fi si alte postari interesante, sper sa duc la capat tot ce mi-am propus. Asa k hai sa incepem cu o reteta quick a la moi, adica din capsorul meu.

E voila: Spaghete cu sos de ciuperci

Am curatat&taiat marunt niste usturoi

Am curatat&taiat felii cateva ciuperci

Am pus pastele la fiert in apa cu sare
Am topit o bucata de unt
Am adaugat usturoiul

Cand ciupercile s-au facut am adaugat o lingura de faina si niste lapte (aproximativ o cana)Am lasat totul sa dea in clocot
Am adaugat pastele si am amestecat bine
Gata. Pofta buna!